2VA524 Portable

Welcome! And thanks for dropping by. This is my website for my radio hobby. You can contact me here for QSL cards and contact information. I am usually tuning around the band but am often found monitoring USB.

 I use Google Earth to mark my contacts and save the images for reference. See the bottom of the page.

  Be sure to sign the Guestbook with your unit number and location. There is a sample QSL card at the bottom of the page. I send these out to contacts made on the radio and request made here.

My station consists of a Ranger 6900F150 all mode transeiver. I use a Vectronics Antenna Tuner and a Timewave 599zx digital signal processor. The antenna is a Wilson 5000 magnet mount. The radio is seen here with the slide-in kydex plastic mount I made for the car. It fits between the passengers seat and the center console and keeps the radio looking right at me for easier operation. After some use I noticed the finals got really hot. So I added the small computer fan seen here to keep cool air flowing over the heat sink. Runs nice and cool now no matter how much I chew the fat.

10/1/11 Well we finally did it. I made contact with unit 225 Frank in Hilton South Australia. What a contact. It wasn't easy but after 3 tries we were able to complete the call and log the contact. What a thrill.

10/2/11 Today I managed to contact 26iw360 in the Isle of Wight UK. That at 1:30 in the afternoon my time. Got to love the conditions. Can't wait to see what the sun has in store for us at the peak of the cycle.... 

10/8/11 I worked 34AB138 in the Canary Islands off the coast of Africa. The amazing thing about this contact was he was using a walkie talkie. Not too shabby Mike. Hope to hear you around the band again.

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